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Statutory Demands

civillaw Statutory DemandsThis law Guide explains how to issue and serve a Statutory Demand. If you do not think this guide is suitable for you then click here to go to our legal advice service for bespoke Legal Advice.

A Statutory Demand is the first step to making someone bankrupt or winding up a limited company. As such it can be very effective in persuading a debtor to pay up as the consequences of ignoring this formal demand can be dire.

Statutory Demands have a number of advantages including:-

  •  No Court issue fee to pay.
  • The consequences of ignoring a statutory demand can be very severe and result in the bankruptcy of a debtor.
  • Relatively simple, quick and easy to prepare.
  • A relatively cheap way to enforce payment of a debt that can be expected to at least bring contact with a debtor.
  • Bankruptcy is an extremely effective method of recovering a debt.

As a Statutory Demand is such an important document, the rules for completion and service are strict. If not properly complied with the statutory demand may be either set aside by the Court or become ineffective. With this Guide you will be able to effectively prepare and serve a statutory demand for monies owed.


  • The purpose of a statutory demand
  • When should you use a statutory demand
  • Completing a statutory demand
  • Service of the statutory demand
  • Setting aside a statutory demand


This 32 page law guide can be downloaded here instantly. An email will also be sent to you with a backup download link. If you are not sure if this is right for you please email us here and we will advise you on what your next move should be.

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You can also purchase our guide alongside our professional legal advice service at a discounted price! You will be put in contact with the author of the guide who will answer any questions or queries.