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Business Disputes

Legal Zone can help with business disputes including those involving partnership issues, contracts, and disputes between directors and shareholders.
accident and personal injury

Mediation and Arbitration

Alternative ways of resolving disputes outside of court proceedings which can be less stressful and save time and money.

Varying Maintenance Orders

Information on the circumstances under which a matrimonial maintenance or other order can be varied.
Varying Maintenance Orders

Maintenance Pending Suit

A guide to obtaining an immediate interim order for spousal maintenance as soon as a divorce petition is issued.
Maintenance Pending Suit

Starting a Business

A guide to what you need to think about when starting your own business and deciding the business structure.
starting a business


Specialist help available through Legal Zone to victims of fraud and cases of a complex often international nature.

Order for Sale

How to apply for an order for sale of jointly owned property when a relationship has broken down.
orders for sale


When a marriage breaks down, it often means divorce. However separation is an alternative which should always be considered.

How to get a Divorce

The law of divorce and all you need to know to prepare and present a petition and deal with a divorce yourself.

how to get a divorce

Discrimination at work

The protection from discrimination provided by the law and action you may take if you are being discriminated against.


A guide to when redundancy is a fair reason for dismissal and the procedures which must be followed.

Consumer Law

An outline of the law which provides consumers with rights when purchasing goods,services,and taking out credit.
consumer law

Divorce Settlements

Help and advice on the money side of divorce and reaching a fair settlement when dividing up the family assets.
divorce settlements

Consent Order

A guide to preparing and applying for a consent order when financial matters are agreed following a divorce.
consent order


Advice for those living together on how to protect themselves financially and the law applicable to cohabitees.

Small claims

Small claims cases are intended for and directed towards litigants in person. The key words are 'no fuss-no costs-and no appeal'.
small claims

Professional Negligence

Claims against solicitors, accountants and doctors etc. who have caused you loss as a result of their failure to work to a professional standard.
professional negligence

Accident and Personal Injury Claims

Claims for damages to compensate for injury and loss suffered as a result of the breach of a duty of care by another.
accident and personal injury


The law applicable where a contract has been induced by a false representation made innocently, negligently or fraudulently.


Orders from the court requiring a person to do or refrain from doing specific acts and the penalties when breached.

Enforcing a county court judgement

A guide to enforcement action possible through the courts when a judgment debtor fails to pay money as ordered.
enforcing a county court judgement

Prohibited Steps Order

Orders available under the Children Act from the Family Court to decide matters which parents have been unable to agree.
prohibited steps orders

Removing a Child from the Jurisdiction

A Guide to when you are allowed to take your child out of the UK and how to make an application to the court if permission is refused.
removing a child from the uk

Child Arrangement Orders

Guidance and advice on the law and procedure to obtain a Child Arrangements Order relating to contact and the residence of a child.
child arrangement orders

Contesting a Will

The basis on which a will may be declared invalid or contested and a guide to an application for provision from an estate.
How to make a will

Probate & Administration

Information and help for executors and personal representatives to show how they can wind up an estate themselves and thereby save expense.
What is probate

Powers of Attorney

Information on the main types of power of attorney, which give legal authority to another to act on their behalf.
powers of attorney


A guide to the Intestacy Rules which determine who will inherit and administer an estate where there is no will.

How to Make a Will

The requirements for a valid will and information on how to make your Will with a free will templates to follow.
How to make a will


How to appoint a Guardian to care for your children, if you are unable to care for them yourself, with a free Guardianship Deed.